G2A突然收左我eur 1.29 insurance, 有冇得退?

之前係曾經同佢買過軟件, 但已係1月份的事, 果時我無揀佢果個乜鬼保護功能
今個月收到2月份信用卡單, 見到有個EUR 1.29的帳項 (Insurance), 但我又無買過任何野
我有冇方法退呢? 若果無, 佢係咪個個月都收? 有冇方法取消?

經信用卡銀行 file dispute, 但可退回機會...


that is called G2A shield... in case your key dont work it will refund for u but otherwise it wont...

Next time don't tick it when you check out


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G2Awill auto enable monthly subscription plan if you pay by paypal
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