Portal2 劇情MOD Conversion 停止開發

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[dev] We are canceling Conversion (UPD1)

Reason 1: there is a better similar mod "Portal Stories: Mel" There is no real reason to continue making mod that is similar but not as good. We don't have same (in quality) story delivery, SFM cutscenes and backstage levels.

UPD reason 2: The team is now not in it's best form and potential. I got my bachelor's degree and need to spend time on something that will simply feed me, model maker got to the university, mapper & person who made 80%+ content for mod is more likely to go to the mandatory army.

Reason 3: Low Valve support on modding subject. Portal 2 is very restricted base for modding, and very unreliable. One day after yet another update I saw that my 1 month work was gone and it took some time to adapt the new changes. Dealing with closed source code, finding ridiculous solutions to simple problems that could be solved with no problem by just having more open structure and some parts of game are not even subject to change. You could all see that in order to launch map developers used not the New Game menu but Extras instead. And this is only one of many problems. Source is really getting old with it's limitations and we really hope that source 2 that is already in dota 2 beta will improve all that was really messy. (And without even mentioning all those Hammer editor crashes our mapper has met).

Reason 4: Portal is becoming more irrelevant, modding community is dying as of my personal observation. Mods are played for few weeks and get forgotten, how TWTM or AT are now remembered? What mark on gaming scene did it leave? Mod that takes as much time to make as a new original IP will not receive same effect and proceeds as "just a mod". It takes away all the hard work team put into it for just being created based on someone's universe. We know that modding is not for "fame" or "money" and we are not into that kind of stuff, but with such effort we put into it, we really want to have some positive feedback. Seeing TWTM that is now forgotten we really question ourselves: was it worth it?

Official announcements with other reasons will be posted later in "Announcements" section. Along with possible release of what we have already done.

Sorry, we love you, please don't be mad.

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