$199 Linux all in one VDI solution (hardware and Software) from Viewsonic

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Viewsonic and Userful announced a $199, 3.5W VDI client that lets up to 20 Linux or Windows sessions run from a single Linux server via gigabit Ethernet.

Userful has been selling its Linux-ready, Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) thin clients to educational and corporate buyers for years. The company claims to have one million “seats” out in the market. Now Userful and hardware manufacturer Viewsonic have teamed up on a new “SC-U25 Value” VDI Client system based on Userful’s Linux server-based Userful Multiplatform software.

The SC-U25 model that is available for $199 comes with “Chrome-like session” support, and offers a choice of Ubuntu, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, or CentOS Linux guest OSes. The system also supports Android, and Windows sessions are available via separate VDI licensing from Microsoft. There’s also a $420 model that bundles Windows 7 Pro licensing.

Unlike most thin clients, which usually connect to remote servers via the web, the SC-U25 directly shares the processing power of a local Linux server PC running the Userful Multiplatform VDI software. While some earlier Userful solutions have used USB to connect to the server, the SC-U25 uses gigabit Ethernet for more flexible deployment.

Up to 20 Linux-based Chrome Browser sessions — or 10 Windows sessions — can be shared from a single Intel Core i7 based server, says Viewsonic. Running Chrome sessions, the total cost of the Core i7 server along with 20 SC-U25 systems and the required server-side VDI software stack, comes to $359 per station, says the company.

Product Page: http://www.viewsonic.com/us/desk ... /sc-u25-bk-us0.html

Full Article: http://linuxgizmos.com/linux-rea ... thernet-connection/
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