Magic TV Firmware 10.10 beta6

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This firmware adds the ability to scan EPG of other channels using the second tuner, when not recording and not standing by.  EPG of all channels should show up in roughly 15 minutes for the current broadcast channels.

Firmware date: 2016-8-30

MTV3300D / 3800D / 8000D: ...

MTV3200D / 3700D / 7000D: ...

Firmware date: 2016-9-2

These models are no longer supported.  No new feature can be added.  Users are highly recommended to trade them in for current models.  If you experience any serious problem with this firmware, please downgrade to the official firmware on Magic TV web page.

MTV3000 / MTV3100(D) / MTV3500 / MTV3600D: ...


For single-tuner models, Magic TV will scan EPG of all channels when standing by, if standby mode is set to Fast Start Up (default, setting is available on newer models only).

* Please verify all your scheduled recordings are correct after using this beta firmware

* As before, HKTV-supported models does not allow recording of HKTV due to restriction by HKTV

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Thx, 有空試一試先


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另外,FACTORY RESET會唔會洗埋原本已經在8000D的內置HDD的節目?


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Please factory reset.  Your already recorded programmes in HDD are not affected, but the recording schedules in To-Do List will be cleared - they need to be added again.




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唔好意思,題外話,我次次關機再開機後,都沒字幕,要從新enable,有否方法永遠enable? ...
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Model?  Channel?  Firmware?  Setting of Settings -> System -> Advanced -> Standby Mode?

If you use the remote to standby the Magic TV, this should not happen at all - try factory reset.

Always use the remote to standby the Magic TV before cutting its power (via the rear power switch or electricity socket).


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0. Magic TV subtitle setting is per-channel and per-recorded-programme.  There is no global setting.

1. When you record a program, the current subtitle for that channel is stored as the default subtitle for the recorded program.  Therefore, you must make sure every TV channel has chosen a subtitle - when playing live TV, change to each channel, and select a subtitle.  (You only need to do this once after autoscan.  Since you're asking this question, it means you did not do this.)

2. If you switch subtitle during playback, it is stored as well for that recorded programme only.  There is no reason this setting should be lost, unless you cut power without standing by first.