Draytek Vigor 2925 Firmware v3.7.6, SSL VPN 速度提升超過30% ~ 11/27/2014

Release Note for Vigor2925 Series
Firmware Version: 3.7.6
Release Date: November 20, 2014
Applied Models: Vigor2925, Vigor2925n, Vigor2925n-plus, Vigor2925Vn-plus, Vigor2925F, Vigor2925Fn

Vigor2925 series is a broadband router which integrates IP layer QoS, NAT session/bandwidth
management to help users control works well with large bandwidth. The state-of-art routing feature,
VPN security, and Dual-WAN provide integrated benefits for professional users and small offices.

New Features
* Support higher throughput SSL VPN.
* Support upgrade-able APPE signature.
* Support multi-level WAN backup mechanism.
* Support TACACS+ remote authentication.
* Support Virtual IP Mapping for using virtual IPs for VPN LAN to LAN tunnel and NAT these IPs to physical IP.
* Support DNS filter object in Firewall>>General Setup.
* Support configuration backup protection in Maintenance>>Configuration Backup.
* Support WAN budget.
* Support Wireless LAN>>Station Control.

* Improved: Support 3G/4G dongles. (K5150/K4203)
* Improved: Support RFC3021.
* Improved: Support customized login page.
* Improved: Add Wi-Fi 5G to dashboard.

* Corrected: Fix crash issue caused by port-redirection.
* Corrected: WUI User mode password over 24 char.
* Corrected: Wi-Fi ping value got high.
* Corrected: Wired 802.1x not work
* Corrected: Remove FragFINN solution.
* Corrected: Modify sentences on WUI.
* Corrected: Lengthen True IP DMZ DHCP lease time.
* Corrected: PPPoE WAN drop issue.
* Corrected: Could not show "_" at comment of bind IP to MAC.
* Corrected: LAN DNS Wildcard supported PTR type.
* Corrected: Support wildcard for LAN DNS.
* Corrected: Wrong display of Dashboard CPU usage.
* Corrected: VoIP Phone book issue.
* Corrected: QoS speed was not accurate above 100Mbps.
* Corrected: NAT sessions could not recycle.

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