Linksys E8350 好唔好用

就轉bb1000想換router Linksys呢隻穩唔穩定?

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The Router Ranker Performance Summary shows the E8350 tied with the ASUS RT-AC87U in overall rank at #1.

But features are a problem. Although its switch supports VLANs, the E8350 lacks many of the features found in its ASUS and NETGEAR competitors. So if you want a VPN server, secure remote access to storage, advanced QoS, decent information about wireless clients and even the ability to selectively control access to internet services, you'll need to take a pass on the E8350.


俾我揀上埋R8000, $2100
AC2400 而家係跟本無client 行到, 就算遲D 有都要夾client, 即係多左既第4條天線要指定Qualcomm 晶片既client 先行得晒, 仲要係佢其實解決唔到N+AC 並行降速既問題


咁唔買了,本來見amazon 有特價,順便買隻