MikroTik RouterOS 6.27 Released ~ 02/12/2015

What's new in 6.27 (2015-Feb-11 13:24):

*) console - added 'comment' parameter for '/system script'
*) api - return sentences can have property ".section" that groups values
   from commands such as "monitor", "traceroute",
   "print" (with non-zero 'interval' value);
*) cloud - add time zone detection feature "/system clock time-zone-autodetect";
*) cloud - rename "/ip cloud enabled" to "/ip cloud ddns-enabled";
*) cloud - make "/ip cloud update-time" independent from "/ip cloud ddns-enabled"
*) cloud - when setting "/ip cloud ddns-enabled" to "no" router will send
           message to server to disable DNS name for this routerboard;
*) cloud - "/ip cloud force-update" command now will work also when
           "/ip cloud ddns-enabled = no". usefull if user wants to disable DDNS;
*) RB4xxGL - improved ethernet throughput (less dropped packets);
*) RouterBOARD - fixed health reporting;
*) check-installation: fixed wrong kernel crc on powerpc boards
*) watchdog: fix software watchdog for x86
*) ssh - check conn state before sending disconnect message;
*) ipsec - fixed crash that happened in specific situation;

What's new in 6.26 (2015-Feb-03 15:18):

*) ssh - fixed ssh related crashes;
*) ovpn - allow to add VLANs to ovpn server bindings;
*) sstp - added pfs option which enables DHE;
*) pppoe client - increased timeout when searching for servers;
*) sstp - fixed problem were Windows 8 clients couldn't connect;
*) console - fixed some missing export entries;
*) smb - improved stability, fixed some crashes and problems causing disconnects;
*) api - fixed /system check-installation;
*) cerm - fix scep client ca caps parsing;
*) RouterBOARD - included new RouterBOOT 3.22 to enable protected-routerboot setting (see wiki);
*) webfig - fixed various design skin issues;
*) NTP client - accepts ipv6 as a server address;
*) CCR improvements in link detection for SFP/SFP+ and auto-negotiation for SFP interfaces;
*) known issue - /system check-installation incorrectly reports error on PPC;

What's new in 6.25 (2015-Jan-19 10:11):

*) certificates - fix SCEP RA operation and SCEP client when operating with RA;
*) ppp - report authentication failure cause like in v6.6;
*) ovpn server - added support for address lists;
*) improved boot times;
*) api - fixed missing return values of some commands;
*) ntp - fixed vulnerabilities;
*) mpls/vpls have improved per core balancing on CCRs;
*) fixed queue tree no-mark matching (was broken since 6.24);
*) fixed nested simple queues (was broken since 6.24);
*) fixed occasional crash when ipv6 was used;
*) fixed route cache overflow (ipv4/ipv6 stops working) if ipsec is used;
*) fixed Omnitik upgrade from v5 where wireless config was not correctly saved
*) fixed Webfig Design Skin where some skin changes were not saved
*) WPS support added to CM2 wireless package