ASUS RT-AC87U New Firmware version

Bug fixes
- Fixed AP mode connection issue.
- Fixed guest network disappearing issue.
- Fixed rebooted issue when WAN disconnected and reconnected.
- Fixed traffic monitor GUI issue.

Security related
- Upgrade OpenSSL library to 1.0.0q
- Fixed CVE-201301813
- Fixed the XSS vulnerability on page Main_Analysis_Content.asp

AiProtection fixes
- Fixed router reboot issue when disabled AiProtection
- Fixed kernel panic when wan reconnected
- Modified web history strings
- Updated signature to 1.030
- Optimize memory usage

Bug fixes
- Fixed IE9 compatibility issue
- Fixed NAT loopback issue
- Fixed abnormal SSH system log
- Fixed network map UI issues.
- Improved UDP performance

- Added Movistar profile in IPTV setting page

md5:f93939fae0175f07df97b1c653664e07 image/RT-AC87U_3.0.0.4_378_4608-g7e6c1e5.trx

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當有用Wireless MAC Filter, 又有用Guest WiFi功能, 個Guest WiFi那邊各自就算選了"No" -- 不用MAC Filter, 但始終佢稍後都會自動變返做Guest WiFi - MAC Filter係"Yes", 要整個Wireless MAC Filter關閉才可以!

睇Asus Forum話會跟進, 唔知下個版本可解決未?!!