Draytek Vigor 2960 Firmware v1.1.0, 新增 SSL VPN LAN to LAN ~ 06/19/2015

Release Note for Vigor2960
Firmware Version: 1.1.0
Release Date: June 10, 2015
Applied Models: Vigor2960, Vigor2960F

Due to the firmware size limitation, for devices using firmware version 1.0.5 or earlier, it is
suggested to upgrade to firmware version first before upgrading to version 1.0.9 or later.

New Features
* Support SSL VPN LAN to LAN connection up to 300Mbps (only connecting to DrayTek Router with SSL LAN to LAN function).
* Support internal RADIUS server in User Management>>RADIUS.
* Support APP Support List in Objects Settings>>APP Support List.
* Add auto/manual APP Signature Upgrade setting page in System Maintenance>>APP Signature Upgrade.
* In System Maintenance>>Access Control:
       Add Validation Code in Access Control tab to improve web admin security;
       Add Fail to Ban setting page to block abnormal failed login;
       Add Access Barrier setting page to protect local service from brute force attack.
* Add Switch Rate Limit setting page in Firewall >> Dos Defense.
* Add NAT >> Connection Timeout for changing the session timeout.

* Improved: Support firmware upgrade notification.
* Improved: Add auto DDoS protection in coprocessor.
* Improved: Support Multicast via VPN.
* Improved: Add SSL VPN settings page in VPN and Remote Access >> PPP General Setup.
* Improved: Support more remote subnet for PPTP Dial-In VPN profile.
* Improved: Support LDAP/RADIUS authentication for SSL Proxy login.
* Improved: In Routing>>Policy Route,
       Add a new option Priority for more flexible routing;
       Support country object as destination;
       Support failover when target IP ping failed or succeeded.
* Improved: In LAN>>LAN DNS, support Specified LANs, wild-card string and CNAME record.
* Improved: Support upload HTML file as bulletin message in User Management>>Web Portal>>Portal Page Setup.
* Improved: Add Diagnostics >> MAC Address Table.
* Improved: Add Diagnostics >> User Status for showing PPPoE/Web Portal/VPN/SSL Proxy users in a single page.
* Improved: Add Packet Inspection settings in Firewall >> Filter Setup >> Default Policy.
* Improved: Add wake by profile in Applications>>Wake on LAN.
* Improved: Support multiple choice in User Management>>User Profile>>Apply All.
* Improved: Add port statistics in Diagnostics >> Traffic Statistics.
* Improved: Add Session information in Diagnostics>>Traffic graph.
* Improved: Add vendor information in Diagnostics>>ARP Cache Table.
* Improved: Add daily and period timeout settings for Web Portal (in User Management>>Web Portal>>General Setup).
* Improved: Support to apply to specific VLANs in LAN>>Bind IP to MAC.
* Improved: Support VPN routing for GRE over IPsec tunnel.
* Improved: Support Keep VPN Setting in Central VPN Management>>CPE Management.
* Improved: Support time interval setting for USB temperature sensor (in USB Application>>Temperature Sensor>>General Setup).
* Corrected: Support DNS server located in LAN.
* Corrected: Unable to pass traffic from LAN to PPPoE clients.
* Improved: Improve web page for WCF categories selection.
* Improved: Support display matching counter for IP Filter.
* Improved: SSL VPN performance for tunnel mode (with Smart VPN Client 4.3.1 or later, the throughput will be greater than 200Mbps)
* Support USB 4G/LTE. Check USB>>Modem support list for details
* Support USB disk /FTP server.

Known Issue
* You need to disable "Force IPsec with L2TP" options for pure L2TP tunnel in VPN and Remote Access >> PPP General Setup.

http://www.draytek.com.tw/ftp/Vi ... igor2960_v1.1.0.zip



由1.0.9 up 咗做1.1.0
reboot router後wan1 wan2 要等差唔多7-8分鐘先up
1.0.9同埋之前其他version最多1分鐘.  非常滋擾
唔係好需要新feature嘅話 建議唔好up住.


回覆 3# bereavement



由1.0.9 up 咗做1.1.0
reboot router後wan1 wan2 要等差唔多7-8分鐘先up ...
bereavement 發表於 2015-6-22 18:07

我由1.0.9.1直接升上去1.1.0,沒有出現WAN up得慢既問題,Router完成reboot後大約10秒WAN便可以online上網

LAN1 up和WAN1 up相差只係9秒

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回覆 5# idolclub


回覆  idolclub
watson852 發表於 2015-6-23 17:49

我由1.0.9.1升上去冇做reset,如果相差太多版本建議做一次factory reset比較好,升級前可以先做一個現版本的config backup


我由1.0.9.1直接升上去1.1.0,沒有出現WAN up得慢既問題,Router完成reboot後大約10秒WAN便可以online上網 ...
idolclub 發表於 2015-6-23 17:22

    而家係大陸 過幾日返到香港 screen cap video比你哋睇下.
我已試過factory reset同埋無restore backup. 都係一樣.
reboot完login . lan 秒up
wan1 同 wan2 最快都要5-6分鐘先up.

1.0.9或之前啲firmware 一直都無問題. reboot之後login. 10秒左右wan 1,2 都up晒.

可能個別bug. 不過好介意嘅師兄我覺得都係睇定啲.


回覆 7# idolclub
Okay, thanks!
Many be try try sin.


Wan 2 差唔多5分鐘先up
Wan 1 成7分鐘都未up

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