china gov block some port

we have a web/email server using port 80/443  at china office.

But recnelty china always block most of the IP to go there...

is it have a way to ask china ISP/gov to release it?

so at Hk/Usa, our user somtime can access the email server ,sometime not...

But if we access china same IP but port 8000/21 ,it is ok

SO, I assume china only blocked 80/443 which access from other country, but it not block the traffic which inside china local....... thanks

"is it have a way to ask china ISP/gov to release it?"

Ha ha, even Zuckerberg might not be able to ask China to release FB!

In reality, you need overseas hosting to talk to the rest of the world!


I mean,  I always can't access my china office IP which from HK/USA.....

not from china to other country. thanks


Believe it or not, the Great Firewall of China not only block outgoing traffic, but incoming traffic as well!


If you use port 80/443, you need China Internet Content Provider license ... in-china--cms-23193
http://www.nanjingmarketinggroup ... e-does-company-need

Most importantly, it is unwise to host a website (in terms of port 80/443) in China and aim to serve outside world. You should host a typical server outside China, and tunnel the server inside China (for sync).


ic, we checked, seem if don't have any ICP , seem china will shut down the web site, mean cannot access inside china too,but our china user can access.
because not all HK ISP cannot go, only some HK ISP cannot.
anyway, will check this.


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Try to build up a VPN tunnel and set port forward at HK side.


so no way to solve?

My office have 2 ISP, one ISP cannot,but another one ok

did open a VPN for other USA side user for connection. If all ISP is blocked by china.....then it will be a big problem

we have a ERP/Email server which in our china office.....


你隻WEB/EMAIL SERVER比自己公司定街外人用架?

btw 你不如打中文啦,你d英文好難明....