Sonicwall TZ190

office using TZ 190, I have some FIXIP, but want release one for other use.

My sonicwall included all IP range, anyone know which Option I can change the IP range, I want to release one of the IP for me to testing....

How can I do that?

What is the version of the SonicOS you are running? running NAT mode ?


thanks CHing, I just test the following:

My ISP have modem + router, ISP router have 4 LAN port,when I plug a cable to another LAN port #2, then I plug a notebook and input my ISP static IP info.

And then it can go internet , and I can remote control this PC in outside too.
that mean I just plug a cable at ISP router, then I can get other Fix ip to use, if sonicwall don't have any rules for this IP.


If your notebook can operate without problem, that means the firewall is not setup to handle this additional IP's traffic.


Yes,I think so.thanks