HKBN connection speed to US?

If I choose the 100/500/1000mbps tier, what kind of actual upload/download speed can I expect on connections to US?

example speed tests

IPv6 isn't going to be offered on HKBN any time soon, correct?

What kind of technology is used for access (cat6? active Ethernet fiber? )

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They all get similar speeds to the US.
Although I've seen a spike of >300M sometime ago, I'm using 1000Mbps.
I can tell you West coast connections and much faster than East coast.

No date on IPv6, HKBN (and other telecoms in HK) are typically very slow on announcing future developments. HKT supports native IPv6 for most fiber connections.

HKBN only uses Cat5e (not Cat6) cables. Fiber-to-the-house or not depends on your residence and building capacity. Both Cat5e and Fiber are used for 100-1000 Mbps connections.



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