Port base routing within LAN

令到特定Port 嘅request (e.g. port 25)走晒 LAN A
其他走晒LAN B?

有冇得set Intranet 行一張NIC, Internet 行另一張NIC


令到特定Port 嘅request (e.g. port 25)走晒 LAN ...
whitepepper 發表於 2015-11-3 14:51

此 port 不同那 port, 一個係 switch 嘅 port, 另一個係 TCP/UDP 嘅 port, 完全2件事


要做到TCP/UDP port routing,要用到Layer 4 switch先得喎,唔係一般野黎架喎

http://www.networkpcworld.com/di ... ng-layer-3-routing/

"Layer 4 Switching

Devices involved in Layer 4 switching perform the following functions:

    Packets are forwarded using hardware switching, based on both Layer 3 addressing and Layer 4 application information. (Layer 2 addressing is also inherently used.)
    Layer 4 protocol types (UDP or TCP, for example) in packet headers are examined.
    Layer 4 segment headers are examined to determine application port numbers.

Switching at Layer 4 allows finer control over the movement of information. For example, traffic can be prioritized according to the source and destination port numbers, and QoS can be defined for end users. Therefore, video or voice data can be switched at a higher level of service, with more bandwidth availability than file transfer or HTTP traffic. Layer 4 port numbers for source and destination also can perform traffic accounting. "