connection speed to US?

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i-cable 130Mbps


$ wget
--2015-12-03 21:22:45--
Connecting to connected.
HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 200 OK
Length: 104857600 (100M) [application/octet-stream]
Saving to: ‘100MB.img.2’

0% [                                                 ] 885,897     7.33KB/s  eta 82m 11s^

This is ridiculously slow...........................

From my VPS in US,
100MB.img               38%[==========>                  ]  38.34M  11.5MB/s   eta 6s

Is PCCW /HKBN any better?

I would greatly appreciate it if you can post your test results ( with ISP/service tier

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PCCW wget

PCCW traceroute

I-Cable都有可能同HKBN一樣用TaTa(AS6453)香港PoP接入去所以慢, 而PCCW快在用GTT去到美國再轉TaTa, 咁睇落可能係TaTa香港PoP嘅問題。
HKBN wget

HKBN traceroute
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supergag 發表於 2015-12-3 23:30

Thanks. Which ISP/service tier?


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PCCW wget

PCCW traceroute

I-Cable都有可能同HKBN一樣用TaTa(AS6453)香港PoP接入去所以慢, 而PCCW快 ...
kennylam777 發表於 2015-12-4 01:51

getting 8MB/s at 9:40am on i-cable, traffic is handed off to TATA at HKIX. It does look like capacity issue during peak hours.

I am thinking about switching to PCCW/HKBN (SmarTone) FTTH.
1) IPv6 is a huge plus (PCCW), HKBN is still not quite close to production ready IPv6
2) PCCW Global has a much better BGP mix than anyone else, but there is no guarantee navigator users are going to get premium transport (QoS) on PCCW global. That being said, HKBN looks ok for US connectivity (TATA, NTT, GBLX, Tinet, HE), still way ahead of i-cable.
3) 12 mon/no contract is nice to have (HKBN). I don't really want to get locked into a 30 months contract
4) my cell service is up for renewal too, currently using 3. You think I will get a good bundle deal from PCCW or SmarTone?


Thanks. Which ISP/service tier?
adfsasdfawfeewf 發表於 2015-12-4 09:39

    HKBN Business BB100


residential pccw @ 21:45

residential hkbn @ 21:47

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