Mikrotik 新品- GPON ONU module

不知是否可以取代 HKBN 個 GPON?

GPON ONU module

The GPON module allows any RouterBOARD device to be used for Fiber to Home installations without any special modems or software. A plug and play solution means you simply plug it into your device, and no special configuration is needed. It is supported by all our SFP products, with any RouterOS version - all configuration will be done on the ISP side.

The GPON ONU integrates GPON OMCI Stack and is fully compliant with ITU-T G.984 standards. The ONU is in a standardized MSA SFP form-factor and is designed to simply plug into a standard SFP port in your router.

The product provides a pluggable GPON ONU interface for networking equipment with an uplink SFP receptacle enabling these devices to be deployed in GPON networks for FTTx, business services, and wireless backhaul applications.

Product specifications
Product code        SFPONU
Data Rate        1244Mb/s downstream and 2488Mb/s upstream
Connector        Small form factor pluggable, simplex SC
Format        MSA SFP
Suggested price        $89


回覆 1# HoHo

要要通知HKBN更改ID, 或者自己clone光纖modem個ID.


就算用倒,ISP都唔會俾你用,因為define唔倒個service interface point (一般係modem RJ45出口),有fault case嗰陣做唔倒maintenance check