Draytek 2690 FW 1.2

各位用家 2690 出左1.2V

Exptracted from 官網:

New Features
 Support SMB Server in "USB Application".
 Support MAC/Vendor Object in "IP Filter".
 Support config analysis in "Configuration Backup".
 Support Auto Firmware Patch in "Firmware Upgrade".
 Add SMS Authentication for Web Portal Setup.
 Add block Mobile Device function for Web Portal Setup.
 Add Customize Login Image in Access Control Page.

 Improved: Improve the design of HA (High Availability) function.
 Improved: Support to display service usage on Data Flow Monitor.
 Improved: Display of Firewall summary and Syslog.
 Improved: Support matched counter display for Firewall.
 Improved: Support "esendex" SMS provider and Custom SMS Provider.
 Improved: Support clear session when scheduler ON.
- 2 -
 Improved: Support SHA2 SHA-256 for VPN connection.
 Improved: Support CPU, Memory, Traffic Tx/Rx usage in Notification Object.
 Improved: Support to display indirect connected LAN Hosts in Data Flow Monitor.
 Improved: Support separate SSL VPN port.
 Improved: Enhance WCF https filtering.
 Improved: Support suffix type in IPv6 object.
 Improved: Support to add IP Object in "Diagnostic >> ARP Cache Table" page.
 Improved: Support Specify Remote IP for Remote Dial-in VPN Client.
 Improved: Support PPTP Remote Dial in Clients for Bandwidth Limit.
 Improved: Allow management via specified WAN interface.
 Improved: Change the SOA Serial Format for DNS server (Inbound Load Balance).
 Improved: Support for 4G Dongle Huawei E3372.
 Improved: Support to block "Spotify" in Application Filter.
 Improved: Increase maximum number of External Device to 200.
 Fixed: Traffic graph was not accurate for LAN.
 Fixed: QoS class was not displayed in Sessions Table.

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