Asuswrt Merlin 新出 380.63

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-New graphical charts added to the daily and monthly pages for Traffic Monitoring and IPTraffic.

-New QoS Statistics page which shows the amount and rate of traffic for the existing traffic classes

-ipset for ARM routers now use the newer ipset 6.x version. This introduces a few changes over 4.x, make sure you read the ipset documentation for more info on the necessary changes, such as the modules you must load at the start of your script (xt_set.ko should be manually loaded).

-Tor was updated.

-CVE-2016-5195 (Dirty COW) was patched in all kernels used

-Popup helps were added to a few of the settings that are unique to Asuswrt-Merlin.

-A few other changes, make sure you read the changelog for more details



-CVE-2016-5195 (Dirty COW) was patched in all kernels used




380.63 (6-Nov-2016)
   - NEW: QoS Statistics page, showing the amount of traffic assigned to
          each available classes, as well as the current throughput.
   - NEW: Charts added to various Traffic Monitor pages.
          Note that you can click on legend items to reveal/hide the
          DL/UL data.  Hovering over a bar or a pie slice will
          display the exact value for that item.
   - NEW: Added pc_delete() to the helper script (patch by john95287)
   - NEW: IPv6 firewall now supports fixed interface ID (EUI64) ipv6
          destination addresses (Patch by john9527)
   - CHANGED: Updated Tor to
   - CHANGED: Updated OUI database.
   - CHANGED: ipset was updated to version 6.29 on ARM models.
              IMPORTANT: this means you will probably need to
              update your script to the new syntax.  You need to
              load the xt_set.ko module at the start of your script.
              There has been no change to MIPS models, due to their
              older kernel.  (original code by Shibby and Victek,
              Asuswrt port by john9527) (ARM only)
  - CHANGED: OpenVPN policy rules now start at prio 10000 instead of 1000
  - CHANGED: Added help popups to various settings that are unique to
  - FIXED: Custom group/shadow/passwd weren't applied at boot time.
  - FIXED: CVE-2016-5195 (Dirty COW) vulnerability in kernel
           (patches by blackfuel and Joseph A. Yasi)
  - FIXED: Network Service Filter rules would only apply to clients
           under Parental Control if that was enabled (original
           debugging by john9527) (Asus bug)
  - FIXED: A few memory leaks in httpd and rc services.

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回覆 5# lcc6088 ... etgear-r7000.71108/



更新上了380.63.2  X 2


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