tplink port21

I didn't open /forward port 21 in TPlink N841/1043D. but when I telnet WAN IP 21,look like it have a connection.

So, if tplink router default opened the FTP port? I tested 2 Model,it is same..

But If I forward the Port 21 to one of my LAN IP, it didn't work.

anyone can do port  forwarding  without problem? but port 80/22/5900 is ok.


你isp 唔比你用 port21
因為我之前用1043nd 用到port21 for ftp


I am using Buinese LINE fix IP in office, but still cannot use.

I checked my ISP hotline,it didn't block port 21 25 80


if ISP blocked, if I telnet to my WAN IP,it must show 'cannot connect for block 21'?

But now, when I telnet to my WAN IP,it no any err,just have a blank screen with a cursor. (look like it accepted by Tplink,But no FTP Hello wording...'

If I telnet by LAN,it will have FTP 'Hello' wording..


flash to OpenWRT and give you more control.


so,it is Tplink blocked? if I buy another brand will be work?


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and I mean, I have a Windows FTP server which is filezilla software. And my 841N/1043D, don't have any USB interal FTP funcition , I mean I disabled tplink FTP service already, I didn't use.
But I can forward port 22/5900 too.
841N used about 5year, 1043 used about 2year.