Linksys WRT1900ACS V1 同 V2 有咩唔同?

今日買左部WRT1900ACS 寫住V2. 之前上網冇見過,同V1有咩唔同?

There are no changes to Setup, UI, or Hardware between the two versions. The only difference in the version 2 is where the Wi-Fi driver looks for the wireless power tables - meaning the v1 and v2 have the power tables in 2 different locations. You will still be able to make changes using Open Source firmware, with the WRT series solely. With regard to the FCC change, it just prevents users from modifying routers to operate outside of their licensed radio frequency parameters. Also be informed that the firmware for WRT1900ACS v1 is not compatible with WRT1900ACS v2 or vice versa. If you will load the wrong firmware, your device might experience connectivity issues.
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