[iMac] 【PC轉MAC】Data migration 問題

小弟打算轉用iMac, 但係本身部PC有大約6TB 嘅data(內有單一file 大過4GB),
知道Mac嘅趨勢要用EX-Storage, 咁當然想行Thunderbolt, 但係唔係好知D Data 可以點過......
我本身部window 入面嘅HDD係NTFS format :

1)可唔可以買隻有thunderbolt 嘅CASE 就咁插番D 已有data嘅 NTFS HDD落去就用得返?

2)如果唔得嘅話, 買隻行Thunderbolt 嘅EX-HDD, 我都要加番張PCIe 出Thunderbolt,
有無師兄, 知呢張卡存唔存在? 大約幾錢?

3)如果唔存在嘅話, 唯有加張PCIe 出USB 3.0, 再搵隻EX-HDD 行到Thunderbolt+USB3.0
但係呢隻EX-HDD 要行咩format 先可以兩邊都認到呢? 而且要抄到大過4GB 嘅單一file.....


麻煩師兄們幫幫忙, 指點一下

ntfs on mac is read-only


you can consider to use NAS. Then all Windows & Mac OS computer can access the external storage.


option A: use NAS if the volume will be accessed by both systems in long run

option B: plug the hard drive to either one system (depends on which needs faster access), use native file system of the host system, and share the volume through network

exFAT is natively supported by both systems and without 4GB limit, but not recommended for long term use and for large volume. It does not support journaling means it is easy to corrupt. Permission support is also a nightmare.




裝個Paragon NTFS for Mac 都得~~


Thanks ching!