Roaming issue with full signal

Hi all,

My iphone 6s had been used for 10 months and just fine, starting from this week, I keep having this roaming(loading icon shown beside 3G icon) issue once every day which all my apps have no data support all of a sudden while the signal strength is full(4/5-dots), my phone will only able to regain roaming after reset by flying mode. Anyone know how to solve or having same case with this? is this just iOS problem?

- seems happen after I updated to iOS 9.3.5
- I am using 3/4G network in Hong Kong
- I have reboot my phone twice and still happen


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where you use roaming with your Iphone?
I use it with CMHK and roaming in China
sometimes meet the same issue,
but I think, it is not stable enough in China for roaming servies
how come I do think like this? even I use other android phone, I met the same issue too.....