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is it possible I can limited MyTV video will use Flash player, but Youtube to use HTML5 addon to play?

becuase I don't know why my clean installed WIn7 pro, useing IE 9 ,it cannot use flash to play the youtube, but myTV is ok.

But if I uinstall Flash , it can play the Youtube with HTML5 without problem, but it cannot see mytv video..

very trouble.

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suggestions :
1. Firefox + flashblock ( this add on have a whitelist control)
2. Chrome , google has already force chrome to use HTML5 player on youtube 2 years ago.

If you insist using IE, go to
You should be able to request/switch using HTML5 or Flash as default player on youtube

However, some of youtube video was encoded in WebM VP8/9, I think they cannot play by IE via HTML5 natively.
(Not very sure since I haven't use IE for so many years)
you may need to install WebM Video component for IE