CM 212 EVO

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底板: P8Z77-V

CPU: I5-2400

機箱: GTR 7041

因為我對電腦唔熟 直接拔晒電腦線裝落去得? 定要成塊底版清空再裝

1. It's a good cooler wtih best C/P value, good enoguh for socket 1155

2. The latest version 212X are just comes with a better quality 12cm fan, the release of 212X are subject to the inferior quality of the fan comes with EVO (but $50 cheaper) ! So you might consider to replace a good fan for it

3. Just unplug the power cord, then take out the ram and display card to reserve more space to install the backplate with front side stand, then
- install only the heatsink (without fan) first
- then put back the ram, cause the fan will locate at top of the first 2 ram slot
- install the fan, finish...