[SD/MMC] 想買64G SD Card

1. 係唔係買UHS I或以上好啲
2. 係唔係一定要SDXC?
3. 如果我部notebook個built-in reader只得 SDHC; 係唔係要用external card reader?
4. 係唔係買Micro SD + adapter去Mini SD最好?
5. Samsung Microsdhc UHS-I EVO Plus Card 64GB 80MB/S PLUS 係唔係最抵玩?


回覆 1# goshigoo
1. Yes
2. Must (XC specification starts with 64GB)
3. Depends, YMMV (eg. I have old 2005-06 notebook that has SD slot, but somehow is able to read SDHC cards as well)
4. No, depends on situation, also mSD is more prone to error and damage
5. Dunno, but there're other alternatives
eg. Suckdisk Extreme Pro (95MB/s) 64GB only $39x at MKCC (as of July, price may drop in weeks due to competer expo period)


Evo 系列 write 比較慢.

唔成日 write, evo 性價比唔錯