Nikon d80 轉會去 Omlypus OM-D 系列。究竟邊部機好?

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EM5無伏, 只係功能比新款較少, 睇你有無需要...

EM5 MKII 同 EM5 比有乜改變... bythom的summary:
The E-M5II differs from its predecessor in a number of ways:

    The sensor-based IS system now works to 5 stops (CIPA) instead of 4
    The rear LCD is now articulated, and has 1.04m dots instead of 610k
    The EVF also gets a boost to the same 2.36m dot and 1.48x magnification one in the E-M1 (up from 1.44m dot and 1.15x magnification)
    Video now supports 1080P/60, and ups the bit rate to 77Mbps (up from 30P and 17Mbps respectively)
    The HDMI port provides uncompressed video output
    The mechanical shutter goes to 1/8000, plus we have a 1/16000 second electronic ability
    The frame rate has increased to 10 without AF, 5 with (up from 9 and 3.5)
    The hot shoe flash supplied now tilts and rotates, and can bounce light
    WiFi has been added, but the accessory port has been dropped
    Battery life is lower (310 shots CIPA versus 350 for the original)
    Lots of small changes to body contours, controls, and control positions
    The new version is 39g heavier, a bit wider and deeper, though slightly less tall
    As with the original, we get a two-part grip (HLD-8G), though the E-M5II version also adds a headphone socket for video shooters

We’re still using a 16mp sensor, though not the same one as originally used by Olympus, plus we’re now on TruePic VII for the imaging ASIC. The big change at the sensor is the ability to shoot “high resolution” images with a special twist of the sensor image stabilization system. ... -e-m5ii-review.html

12-50 剩係睇焦距都好用過 14-42啦~

另外... EM10又點?
what do you give up by going for an E-M10?

    3 axis IS on the E-M10 versus 5 on the E-M5II and E-M1, and with only 3.5 stops (CIPA) effectiveness instead of 4 or 5 on the E-M1 and E-M5II respectively
    No articulating LCD
    The 1.44m dot EVF is used on the E-M10
    The E-M10 isn’t environmentally sealed
    The E-M10 has a 1/4000 maximum shutter speed, and only 1/200 for flash sync
    The E-M10 is smaller, lighter, and less expensive ;~)

進一步輕量化... RX100系列?

另外, 比起百記... 可以睇睇so寧個價同信用卡優惠如何, 可能有驚喜的


EM5比其他機來說唔算"輕,方便"... 有無伏睇下你點睇(部機得機械快門, 沒色差修正等).




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只講輕便, 易用嗎?


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只講輕便, 易用嗎?
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買埋支25mm,F1.8 or17mm/F1.8  夠晒用...




買M43 梗係買OMD 系列啦, 價錢差唔多, 但OMD 多防水滴同內置EVF, 玩開單反一定係OMD! EP 系列只係雞肋

一部到位, 就EM5 MKII, 再配支12-40 PRO, 其實好夠用! 值唔值就睇下新FUNCTION 反MON 你係唔係真係需要!
如果BUDGET 唔夠先諗EM5 套KIT, 支12-50 唔係唔好, 只係畫質好普通, 去旅行呢一支係OK, 但如果影人因為先天光圈細, 你點都要買支45 1.8 or 25 1.4 來用!
EM10 你可以唔駛理

利申: EM5  用家, 有支12-50 同20 1.7


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買M43 梗係買OMD 系列啦, 價錢差唔多, 但OMD 多防水滴同內置EVF, 玩開單反一定係OMD! EP 系列只係雞肋

一 ...
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一步到位E-M1先係不2選,加埋12-40pro就已經一半無敵 ...
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EM1仍然係Olympus對焦最快果部... (唯一有PDAF... 幾時出 EM1II? )

不過EM1 + Pro系列鏡頭, 大細同重量已逼近單反級數...


EM1仍然係Olympus對焦最快果部... (唯一有PDAF... 幾時出 EM1II? )

不過EM1 + Pro系列鏡頭, 大細 ...
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