HTC sinking as executives jump ship?

I knew this will  happen. ... xecutives-jump-ship

Could this be the reason why HTC HK is not bothered to release the update locally?

Company is in problem.


Dude, updated is released by HTC headquarter. When they finish they will send it to Hong Kong for testing. That's why it takes time to release to end users.

I knew this will  happen.

Could this be the reason why HTC HK is not bothered to release the upda ...
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The firmware is ready but not rolled out yet.   People in India and Singapore already have the update.   

It is now clear that HTC has internal problems and that is why they are unable to carry on their normal work properly.   

I am wondering if HTC One will get any futher updates or not.




HTC needs to be saved or bought by a company like Google.

We need more competition in the market.

HTC has strong chances of RIP.


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I hope they roll out update asap, the button problem really need to be fix.
Since Taiwan, Singapore and India and many other country have already updated,
I really think is not a good idea to buy HTC if you live in hong kong unless you willing to root and install custom roms to get the UPDATE. HTC HK no customer service at all.


a company making something not user oriented will eventually sink

I did write to htc long time ago about what common features we need but the new one still failed to impress me


Buying the HTC one now is just throwing money down the drain.