Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Iron Man Edition Releasing this week

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The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge (Iron Man Edition) will be releasing this week in selected countries.

Samsung will be targeting teenagers and rich people.     The phone will be in limited edition and will not come cheap.

The limited edition will be bundled with a back clear case and wireless charger (iron Man edition).

I believe the phone will come in 128GB size which is the best thing about the phone.   The only draw back is that the iron Man edition will have iron man logo at the back of the phone which will not look suitable for businessmen.  

If the iron man edition does come with 128gb memory and is bundled with wireless charger and case with special boxing.  My guess is that the phone should sell for about $9000 to $9500.   Let the insanity begin.  

Will Samsung release the Iron Man Edition in Hong Kong?   I believe they will because people in Hong Kong have alot of money to spend and Samsung must have obeserved from the iPhone and apple watch sales.   

The million dollar question will be the resale price.  If people buy the phone for $9xxx and if the quantity will be limited then how much will the phone be resold?  $10xxx to $11xxx?

Will you pay that much for an Iron Man edition phone?

Samsung is very smart.

The red phone could have easily be an ordinary color released like the black/blue, green, White, Gold.    They just took advantage of the Avengers release and planned to market the red phone as the Iron Man edition to mark up the price and value.

Like they say money can buy anything.


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本來都好想買. 嘩, 而家見條片, 背面印左 IRONMAN 個樣, 好柒.........
之前有個人自己設計個幾款 S6 復仇者版靚好多.........反而想要個幾款........但可惜唔係官方, 應該冇得出.


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cello13814 發表於 2015-5-26 14:04

I don't see myself carrying a red phone.   However, I know many guys don't mind carrying red phones.    So the Iron Man edition will sell well in Hong Kong.   $9000 for a phone is no big deal to many people in Hong Kong.


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