Sales of Galaxy S6 slower than Galaxy S5 and Galaxy S4

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Samsung Galaxy S6 Sales have not turned up as what Samsung had expected.

With Galaxy S4 Samsung sold 10 million units in 27 days
With Galaxy S5 Samsung sold 10 million untils in 25 days
With Galaxy S6 (combined models) Samsung has sold 10 million units 30 days ... sung-wanted_id69637

Though it doesn't seam so bad but Samsung was hoping for better sales as they had projected to sell 70 million units in 1 year.

With the sales not as high as expected, Samsung is now wondering if they should release the Note 5 in July or wait till September which will about the same time as the new iPhone 6S.

If they release the Note 5 in July it will affect the sales of the Galaxy S6.

I believe Samsung could have sold more units of Galaxy S6 if they had not released 2 models.   Releasing 2 models confused the market.     Samsung also plans to release the "Iron Man" edition of Galaxy S6 Edge this week.  I wonder if this will be a good move on Samsung's part which may hurt their sales further.