Z3 Tablet Compact 港 版 更 新

Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact: New software is available

There is a software update (v. 23.1.A.1.28) available for your device.
Update your device's software and enjoy new features, better performance, speed and bug fixes. You can update the software today using your computer or wait until it available directly
in your device (often within a couple of days). It's easy and no backup is needed.

This software includes:

All of our latest bug fixes and enhancements
Updating your device using a computer

Download and install one of the applications below. Connect your device to a computer using a USB cable, and update your device.

Read more and download PC Companion.

Read more and download Bridge for Mac.

To read more about the update, click here.

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  Up 完 之 後 , 真 係 順 番 ,
  初 步 試 轉 screen 時 , 無 再 窒 下 窒 下 .
  我 再 用 下 先 再 有 問 題 係 度 report .
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LTE ver有冇?
LarSing 發表於 2015-6-10 11:32

我 呢 部 機 已 經 係 LTE .
所 以 可 以 更 新 , 但 要 用 PCC .
OTA 要 遲 些 少 .


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lte version has already update by ota, thanks !


lte version has already update by ota, thanks !
ericim 發表於 2015-6-22 14:59



回覆 7# mryeah