Android and Google photo help please....

Hello I've taken a lot of photos and videos with my Android phone
and I want to make a copy of it to Google photo.

However, I want to delete some/all of the photos on the phone while nothing on the Google account will be deleted

How can I make it?? According to official Google instruction.

"Sync means that you only have to make changes to photos and videos once. Changes you make to your photos, like editing and deleting, will happen on every device that syncs to your Google Photos library. This includes:"

It sounds like if I delete a particular photo on my mobile phone, it will at the same time delete the corresponding photo on the Google side?

I just want to delete the copy on the phone, while it does not affect the copy on the Google

How to make it?

Thank you

photos 設定有得揀刪除已備份手機檔案