S7 SuperMan-Rom V1.6.1(root rom)

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有冇ching 敢做老鼠呀?***(root 後可能冇左保養)

完美支持:Exynos 8890 全系列ROM

慎重提醒:刷机前请备份好 EFS 。
方法:在rec里备份 ,分区记得勾选了efs就可以了。

SuperMan-Rom V1.6:
- Rebased on latest G935FXXU1APE9 which was released today
- Remade all mods on this now APE9 base
- Updated G930F and G935F kernel to APE9 base
- Updated Aroma installer to V3.0b
- Fixed wrong colours in aroma installer
- Aroma installer is now bigger (fit our resolution)
- added INS (indian) csc files for FD users and ITV (italian csc)
- clearified csc selection (some are multi-csc files, so you can grab them!)
- added auto EFS backup before each flash, so you can restore your IMEI!
- Fixed camera fc's
- updated sound mod to V16.3
- Samsungs changelog for this base was:
-improved permformance
-Icon location cycle has been changed to improve screen clarity in AOD
-videoplayback filcker has been fixed
-cover regocnition has been fixed
-an issue that users could not save files to SD card has been fixed
-an issue with powersaving mode and google now has been fixed

SuperMan-Rom V1.6.1:
- Added OTA support for next coming versions
- Updated aroma installer
- Updated VD2 csc to PD2 version
- added following csc files: EUR, LUX, ATO, IUS, TSI and VDS

Rom features:
- G935FXXU1APE9 Base
- Prerooted with V2.74 or v2.68 SuperSU (choose in aroma!)
- Latest Busybox installed (1.24.2)
- Aroma installer!
- Developer options enabled by default
- Full edge support!
- Xposed V84 is installed (choose in aroma)
- Adblocker enabled
- Zipaligned
- choose IOS emojis in aroma
- Init.d support in Kernel
- Choose between 25 and more different CSC to match your country!
- DM-Verity disabled
- Force encrypt disabled
- ADB fully working
- Rounded UI (SystemUI tweaks if you choose in aroma)
- Applock feature build in
- Many csc tweaks!
- No sms to mms auto convertion
- Allow all apps in multiwindow
- Removed Grey statusbar in powersaving mode
- Updated all samung apps to recent version
- Bringing buttons "only once / always" to select when the task application "Open With."
- USB Plug/Unplug disable wake up
- Remove high volume warning for headphones
- Emergency mode" in "Settings/Lock screen and security
- Private mode fixed
- Enable Display Scaling in Settings
- Enable TouchKey light duration in settings
- Enable OutdoorMode
- Fully Deodexed
- Removed low battery warning
- Knox stuff is removed
- Stock APE9 Kernel included
- Latest TouchWiz Sources!
- Debloated, but fully functional (all removed apps can be install with playstore)
- Selinux Enforcing
- Sound Mod V16.3 with lot improvements! (choose in aroma)
- Updated all samsung apps
- May Security Patches
- Many other features, please read changelog to see what changed over the time

How to install the rom:
0. Make sure you have a not encrypted device and OEM unlock is enabled in developer settings!!
1. Download the TWRP recovery(from here: TWRP) and follow the instructions on the TWRP page to get a working recovery (this step is essential!)
2. Download the rom and put it on your external SD card
3. Backup all your things to your external SD card (apps with Titanium Backup for example)
4. You have to be on G930FXXU1APE9 bootloader and G930FXXU1APE9 modem, everything else isn't tested! Get it from here! IT IS A MUST, OTHERWISE THE ROM WONT WORK
5. If you have to install the bootloader and modem, boot into download mode and flash the bootloader and modem with odin3.10.11 using CP and BL tab
6. After you successfully installed your new bootloader and modem, boot your phone to your TWRP recovery
7. Now wipe everything (in TWRP: wipe, advanced wipe, select all storages except the location where you put the rom to!)
8. Install the rom
9. Reboot and wait around 10 minute (deodexed roms need longer to boot the first time)
10. Don't interrupt the process of booting the phone, even when it restarts
11. Enjoy the new rom version

- None until now

Version Information
Status: Stable
Current Stable Version: V1.6.1
Stable Release Date: 2016-05-25


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有冇ching 敢做老鼠呀?***(root 後可能冇左保養)

完美支持:Exynos 8890 全系列ROM

慎重提醒:刷机前请备 ...
smchkman 發表於 2016-5-29 01:55

之前個 ROM developer 放左個美版(s820)既csc入去個rom度,搞到d人刷呢個rom時如果用左個csc既話會冇左個imei,怕怕唔敢用,用echoe rom好過,宜家重出埋kernel