No iOS zone - iOS 8漏洞, 白蘋果/welcome screen之間狂閃

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一係唔嚟, 一野即嚟單大野, Hacker可利用Wifi網絡破壞所有型號iPhone/iPad.用緊屋企wifi/mobile carrier data network暫時無事, 但係會去旅行果班人會有相當機會奶野.


由於未有官方iOS patch, 所以該組識沒有詳細講解如何制作具破壞力的Wifi network, 但性質"類似"以DoS方式攻擊.


1. Users might be able to avoid this vulnerability exploit in a number of ways:
2. Users should disconnect from the bad Wi-Fi network or change their location in case they experience continuous crashing or rebooting.
3. The latest iOS 8.3 update might have fixed a few of the mentioned threats–users are highly advised to upgrade to the latest version.

In general, users should avoid connecting to any suspicious “FREE” Wi-Fi network.

其實下文都已經講了, 街外不要用可疑的免費WIFI應可避免.

而講真就算不被攻擊, 你也不知道會不會被人盜賊資料...
管好自己的WIFI, 也不要用來歷不明的WIFI NETWORK吧