Battery capacity in the iPhone 6s is smaller than the old iPhone6?

Why would apple release iPhone 6s with a smaller battery than the old iPhone 6?  iPhone 6 battery can hardly last the full day as it is.  

Strange move from Apple.



隨著CPU製程愈來愈細,它的用電是會下降,現在電是小了,但我相信可以用的時間更長。 ...
cybershot 發表於 2015-9-13 03:45

We will find out soon enough if people complain about the battery capacity for iPhone 6s.

4K video recording, LTE-A, etc.  I am pretty sure there will be complaints.


今天,好多電話舊電已經 3000 mA 以上,啲人到時 iPhone 6s 到手,點會唔呱呱嘈,話倒水吖?仲有得 2GB ram,而家賣得四五千蚊以上嘅機,仲有邊部唔係多過 2GB?到時候,點會唔鬧 ram 唔夠呢?