Apple master stroke move to combat grey market sales with ireserve booking

Whenever a new iPhone releases many people look for an opportunity to make case with buying and selling iPhones.   For 2 years there has also been the so called "BOT" which automatically orders iphones in seconds.

I am wondering with the new random iReserve booking since the last 2 days, has Apple found a new method to combat this?  No more Bot?  Also plenty of iPhone 7 stock.

I have noticed since Saturday, there are random iPhone 7 (many 128gb and 256gb - even matte black color) are available for pre-order.  The stock availability after the first day pre-order still shows 2 to 3 days delivery.  This means Apple has alot of stock of iPhone 7 (not the plus).  

So buying the iPhone 7 may not fetch a good resale profit. Unless you happen to get hold of the Jet black which I believe will probably give $1000 to $2000 profit for the small model on day 1 and about $3000 to $4000 profit for the iPHone 7 Plus Jet black.

So the goal is to find Jet Black models to make money.

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I had 2 iPhone 7 Black 128gb on pre-order which I have cancelled last night.

If you order the iPhone 7 black 128gb even today, it will delivery in 2 to 3 weeks.

According to some reliable sources, iPhone 7 stock is not a problem.  It is only the iPhone 7 plus which is in shorter supply and the jet black models.

So if you want to make money, buy the iPhone 7 Plus 128gb and jetback models.  After day 1, the resale value of the iPhone 7 may be hardly anything.

I have 2 iPhone 7 Plus Jet black models (128gb and 256gb) on pre-order from SmarTone through Red Pass.  I should get it on day one provided they have stock.  I am confused if I should sell both or keep one.    I can still order 2 more but wondering if it is worth signing a new contract just to get the phones.   That all depends on the resale value of the Jet Black on launch day.


Another master stroke from Apple.

You buy it, you keep it policy.  No refunds on iPhones.  

So if one buys many and can't sell, he has to gift it to his family to use.


The online rumored resale price is not correct.   The real price will be disclosed on 15th September at night.

For now Plus models are the ones to get or any Jet black models.