Jet Black stock is so limited that stock may be delayed to November

Jet Black iPhone 7 may be available in November.

Not sure about those who ordered from Carriers or from AOS.   

Apple claims the demand for iPhone 7 Jet Black is way too high.  So if you can get hold of a jet black model, expect to make alot of money in resale.

蘋果聲明:首批黑色 iPhone 7 和 7 Plus 銷售一空

蘋果 iPhone 7 和 iPhone 7 Plus 將於明天在首波開賣國家的 Apple Store 和授權經銷商正式開賣,iPhone 7 在 9 月 9 日開放預訂時就已造成瘋狂搶購,黑色款的 iPhone 7 出貨日已延到 11 月。今天美國 Apple 公司發表聲明:首批曜石黑色 iPhone 7 和所有 iPhone 7 Plus 型號都已銷售一空,9 月 16 開賣日當天在 Apple Store 只能供應少量銀色、金色、玫瑰金和黑色 iPhone 7 現貨。

Apple 公司發言人 Trudy Muller 表示:「我們很感激顧客的耐心,我們正在盡全力生產 iPhone 7,並讓所有人盡快收到全新的 iPhone 。」 ... black-sold-out.html


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Confirmed by SmarTone at Olympian City 2.   They have already started to inform customers to pickup their phones.

No stock of Jet Black models in the first batch.   Apple has no stock.  So if you have ordered a jet black model and not one of those early red pass holders, then you may expect to get the phone after a few weeks.  

Jet Black models are very very limited in supply.

Now only the old silver and gold are available and some rose gold and matter black.