Lumia 950/950XL 背篕知多一點點

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You can now order knock-off Lumia 950 and XL battery covers in Blue or Orange

睇到上面一篇報導, 原來MS Lumia 950和950XL個背篕, 除左有無線充電功能的零件外, 仲有NFC的零件!

用Mozo套既, 你地部950/950 XL個NFC功能是否正常?
如果係的話, 咁Mozo個價錢都真係唔算貴(岩唔岩口味就另一回事)!

The cases themselves are super cheap at about $3 a piece. However, it should be noted that as far as we can tell they do not contain the Qi wireless or NFC components.