qnap ftp folder setup issue

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1. if “enable home folder for all users” is enable, when any ftp user login, that user could see and access other users folder under “HOMES”, he/she could even download files from other users folder. any ways to prevent this?

2. if i create new shared folder “SHARE_SUB” and subfolders “SUB_A” and “SUB_B” under “SHARE_SUB”, could i just create new ftp userA just to access SUB_A and ftp userB just to access SUB_B? it seems to me qnap has to grant access the entire “SHARE_SUB” folder to all ftp users.

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1. homes folder only administrator can access, normal user only display home folder. If the user is administrator group, you can set the permission that he/ she cannot access homes in users permission setting.

2. If you wanna set sub-folder permission, please go to control panel > shared folder > Advanced Permission > Enabled Advanced folder permission > Shared folder tab > Edit shared folder permission icon, you can set the sub-folder permission now


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will try. thx.