[Windows 10] Slow Response After Starting Windows 10

After turning on my laptop, I click on the browser. It takes time to load the webpage. It is abnormal as Windows 7 & 8.1 is not like that. It resumes normal after Windows 10 starting for a few minutes. I think it takes time for my laptop to load the startup programs. Is it the bug of Windows 10 or is it my laptop problem? Thank you.

If your laptop is slow (e.g. using HDD not SSD), then it is quite normal to take some time to load the background programmes after booting. However, this should applies to Windows 7, 8.1 and 10. I don't know why it only happens to you on Windows 10.

My laptop (a rather low-end one) uses SSD and it doesn't have problems like yours.


I just don[t know why it happened at the laptop. I am using a Lenovo laptop with 4 GB RAM and i7 CPU. Moreover, my laptop always has a CPU usage with 3%. Is it normal when it is in idle status? Thank you.