[Windows 10] 【轉貼】Windows 10 唔掂?廠機叫人用返 Windows 8.1

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微軟要強推 Windows 10 普及化,有十億部機安裝使用 Windows 10,這不是問題,但需要不同電腦品牌多加配合,推出相關產品才行。不過,這些品牌反而令微軟更難達到目標,甚至叫人不要用 Windows 10?

不同電腦品牌都有向新機用家提供技術支援。不過,無論是 HP,或是 DELL,都有技術員叫人不要再使用 Windows 10,改用回舊版如 Windows 8.1,即使要花 40 美元買序號都值得,原因是新推出的作業系統會有不少問題,用舊版較穩陣。

DELL 解釋,雖然已經進化至 Windows 10,但有時部分指定問題要使用舊版 Windows 才能解決。HP 的副總裁 Mike Nash 則表示,其實人最終的不過是有部可以運行的電腦完成工作,在習慣的環境工作反而會較佳。但是,Windows 7 還說得過去,不少人是因為不滿 Windows 8.1 才更新至 Windows 10,技術員卻叫人回復至使用 Windows 8.1,豈是白費心機?

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小弟就唔會用win 10啦
有部分專業軟件  講到明 用win 10
要新板本配合 更新係要付費 $1500美金 (珠寶程式)
作為一間 中小企  點會花錢升級




Dell and HP tech support staff are telling customers to ditch Windows 10

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A NUMBER OF OEMs have been caught discouraging the use of Microsoft Windows 10, and in some cases persuading customers to roll back to Windows 8.1.

Research conducted by Laptop magazine for its annual Tech Showdown found that telephone support agents for Dell and HP told customers that they don't encourage upgrading to Windows 10.

The Dell agent told researchers that the company was getting "a ton of support calls from Windows 10 users" and recommended rolling back to 8.1, while a second agent said that there are "a lot of glitches" in the new OS.

The original query used in the support call had no relevance to Windows 10 at all, and the same answer would have applied to 10, 8, 7 or Vista, as it applied to Dell's own proprietary bloatware.

An HP agent spent an hour trying to get an HP proprietary feature working in Windows 10, took control of the researcher's computer, attempted to fix it, failed, attempted to roll back to Windows 8.1, failed again and then suggested buying a $40 rescue USB.

Lenovo was more forgiving about Windows 10, but managed to confuse how Cortana works before suggesting a $19.99 monthly support package to find out how to adjust microphone settings.

The researchers concluded that telephone support should be a last resort, although live web chat fares slightly better.

Dell responded with a statement explaining: "As Windows 10 continues to evolve, we sometimes recommend a customer revert to their previous operating system to troubleshoot a specific issue they're having.

"In addition, we have a continuous feedback loop with Microsoft in which we share insight from our customers, like the one received from this particular call, to inform further updates to the OS and ensure Windows 10 reflects the experience our customers are seeking.

"We remain committed to Windows 10 and are ready to help our customers make the transition as easy as possible."

Meanwhile HP argued: "At the end of the day, the person's job is to get the PC running. Given the scenario, it might have been the most expeditious thing to get them back to a known good space."

But the fact that OEMs are pushing back will worry Microsoft, which is trying so hard to consolidate all its customers onto Windows 10 at any cost.

Plans are afoot next year to make Windows 10 an opt-out rather than opt-in update and, given the amount of confusion over the new OS already, there will be a lot of work to do for telephone technical support, which will hopefully by then have been given the right training.


同人 setup 過一部廠機, 的確會安裝了一些錯誤 driver, but if you are an experienced user, 可自行糾正。至於穩定性, 應該可隋著更新改善。


同人 setup 過一部廠機, 的確會安裝了一些錯誤 driver, but if you are an experienced user, 可自行糾正。 ...
tony_lam 發表於 8/11/2015 00:23

習慣一成好難改! 不是所有 users 都想 change 啦...
人哋 返工 用 電腦 兮想 做嘢逗人工, 不是玩 technology, 不是觀賞 GUI!





好明顯係 support 叫人轉返 Win 8.1
可能佢地部機出廠拉臣係 8.1,客自己 upgrade 上 10

個 support 多數叫還原返出廠設定


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好明顯係 support 叫人轉返 Win 8.1
可能佢地部機出廠拉臣係 8.1,客自己 upgrade 上 10

個 support 多數 ...
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windows 10很好用...如果是廠機driver問題...絕對是幾間廠機商無意為用戶解決問題.........