[Windows 10] win 10 左下角的icon左click掣無反應。Help

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朋友的win 10 desktop左下角的windows icon,左click被disabled. 請問如何回復正常操作?

Cannot enter Chinese with this computer, sorry.

I encountered the first problem on Windows 8.1, fixed this way:
Bring up My Computer, in the address bar type %localappdata% then press Enter, it brings up the AppData\Local folder of the current user, drill down to Microsoft > WinX, under that should be folders Group1, Group2 and Group3. Inside the folders are the shortcuts to the items when right clicking the Start icon. If they are not there, copy them from C:\Users\Default\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\WinX.

Please try and post the result. Comments welcomed from other ching ctse. please


Sorry, I missed you original post. You said LEFT click, My post fixes problem with RIGHT click.

See the problem when read about the Windows Key doesn't work either. Sorry, very sorry.



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anon893 發表於 2016-4-14 13:27

Thanks.  I will assist my friend to fix this problem according to the instructions provided from your suggested links.


BTW anyone knows if this left click failure bug is a Winblowz10 exclusive?

Guess now there's another reason to avoid this sloppy OS... at least for now