[Windows 10] 8月2日所有Windows 10/Mobile裝置提供周年大更新!

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8月2日所有Windows 10裝置提供一周年更新版!

Windows 10既Facebook 和 Twitter app都有相關報導!

Microsoft: Windows 10 Mobile Anniversary Update will start rolling out on August 2

Windows 10和Windows 10 Mobile這2個OS係會優先獲得更新, 其他W10平台如Xbox One, W10 IoT等等...由於更新server既負荷問題, 可能會遲D!

Windows 10 on PC and mobile will be the first to receive the Anniversary Update. Other devices will get it over time, and we will have more to share on this in the future. The Anniversary Update will start on August 2nd and roll out over time. Given the scale of delivering updates to more than 350 million devices around the world, our rollout will be measured and deliberate to ensure we deliver a great customer experience.

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7/29 DEADLINE .....


8月2日所有Windows 10裝置提供!

Windows 10既Facebook 和 Twitter app都有相關報導!

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伏味超濃...Set定條Firewall Rule Block Windows Update...