[Windows 10] Problem after update KB3199209

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My laptop was fine before the update.
After installing the update KB3199209, my laptop is getting slower than before.
Also the major problem is, there are many icons that I can't "click into"
1.The start icon, I can't click in, even I do click in by numerous clicking,
  I also can't click into the "settings"  page.

2. The wifi button
   Same as previous, no response by clicking the wifi icon
   I would not able to connect to Internet and post this if my wifi is not set to auto-connect.

3. Action Center

4. Administrator admission ( Run as admin)
   When I was trying to install a exe file which need "Administrator admission", the screen goes black and there is nothing to do.

5. Ctrl+Alt+Del
Black Screen after clicking it when I am trying to open the task manager ( I know the other way but that's is what happening now)

I am sorry to type English here, but the firefox goes no response and lag when I type any Chinese (using MS quick)
This update from MS is totally destroy my laptop. Can you guys land me a hand?

edit1: I tried to delete the installed update, I was successfully deleted other version (installed today).
            But the version KB3199209 update can not be deleted.