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Quick View: Wolf's Chemicals Mean Green WS-0N Wash and Wipe

It is time to give my car some TLC.  As there is no water hose available, I am limited to a 2B NR wash.  The product tested this time is Mean Green by Wolf's Chemicals followed by Wolfgang DGLS.

Product description (found on bottle):

Wash & Wipe is a specially blended car shampoo that requires no rinsing after washing, as it leaves no residue behind like normal shampoos. This advanced formula engulfs dirt and other contaminants, keeping them away from the surface to help prevent scratching during the wash process. Dilution ratio 1:500, pH neutral.

Claim (found in product description):
- Leaves no residue behind
- pH neutral

1. Packaging: 1L in black bottle / 5L in clear plastic jug

2. Directions:

Shake well before using! Add 20-30 ml of product to 10 liters of water and mix in gently. Wash the vehicle one panel at a time in the following manner: Soak the wash mitt in the solution well and gently wash the surface. Once the surface has been cleaned, dry it with a clean microfiber towel. Once the surface has been cleaned, rinse the wash mitt in the solution or in another clean bucket of water and repeat. Do not use in direct sunlight or on a hot surface! Store this product above 12 degrees Celsius!

3. Construction: Bottle or 5L jug are well built from thick plastic.  Label is poorly fixed as all my bottles have curled edges.
4. Color: Light Green
5. Scent: Pleasant soapy smell
6. Price: USD$17.99 / 79.99
7. Cost: USD$0.48/ wash from PPLd's Dilution Ratios Table
8: Manufacturer: Wolf's Chemicals
9: Made in: EU

Additional Products used:
1. 2 generic water buckets
2. 2 Grit Guards
3. 6 Chemical Guys Premium MF Towel (Super Towel 16x16"), which are rubbish btw - stiff, non-absorbant, difficult to rinse

4. Wellcome MF Chenille mitts
5. Meguiar's White Clay & PPLdetailing Spray V5 - Polycharged

Environmental Conditions:
16*C / 60F
~60% RH
Last wax section: The SLK is garage kept and was sealed 1 year ago.  Total mileage is around 7500km / 4600miles.

A photo is worth a thousand words.  We shall see some photos first and rejoin for the pros, cons and verdict.

2 bucket 3 GG rinseless wash method was used.
1:500 ratio was used.  A small amount of suds were produced during agitation but quickly disappeared.

As the car was very dirty I chose to pre-soak it with Mean Green wash solution.
A very light pleasant soapy scent was produced by the shampoo.  Not as strong / tasty as ONR but definitely noticeable if you sniff it.

Wash with MF chenille mitt.
Mean Green has good lubricity like a traditional shampoo and no dragging was observed.

Dried easily with CG MF Rubbish towel using the 1 Wet 1 Dry method.
If Cobra towels were used, I believe it will be streak free in 1 wipe.

Typical for rinseless wash, the 2nd bucket is crazy dirty.  No stain on MF after rinsing.

Ta-da~  End results after all the hard work.

+1 Highest dilution ratios of 1:500 among rinseless
+2 Lubricity is on par with traditional shampoo
+3 End results is very slick and very glossy, especially after 1 hour curing
+4 No stain was observed on my MF wash mitt
+5 Light pleasant scent

-1 The product claims to leave nothing behind, but like most rinseless wash, it left gloss enhancing polymers behind which make the car very slick, glossy and beads.  This is a Pro normally, but since the description claimed No, I mark it as a Con.

The Wolf's Chemicals Mean Green Wash & Wipe is a very good rinseless shampoo.  It has double the dilution ratio of its competitors, while still offering same if not better performance.  A bottle of Mean Green will last you long time.  That implies a product that is easy on your wallet and the environment.  No stain was found on mitt, which I am sure will be welcomed by most rinseless users!  

No official recommendations on using Mean Green as lube or QD ratios are given, yet I cannot see why it cant work consider how slick it is.  Mean Green claims to leave nothing behind, which is a false claim by the manufacturer.  They should have said it leaves the paint very gloss and slick, so it could have received a score of 9/10, but now I can only rate it 7/10 (ONR is 7/10 due to stain).

I will not hesitate to buy Mean Green again, and I will definitely recommend this to friends.  The cost, performance and no stain make it an attractive package!

Score: 9/10
Highly recommended.
Questions and comments welcomed.

0/10 - Fail / Does not meet its claims
1-2/10 - Fail / Only meet some of its claims, and may have some disadvantages
3-4/10 - Fail / Only meet some of its claims, but may have some advantages
5-6/10 - Acceptable / Meets all of its claims
7-8/10 - Recommended / Meets all of its claims well and possess advantage over other products
9-10/10 - Highly recommended / Meets all of its claims and set a new standard on the market

I clayed the car down using V5 and Mean Green to clean up residue in order to prepare the car for some protection!

The manufacturer makes the following statement:
Wolfgang Deep Gloss Liquid Seal is an advanced spray-on, walk away paint sealant that provides Wolfgang’s signature deep gloss shine and durable German Super Polymer paint protection.
The durable sealant provided by Wolfgang Deep Gloss Liquid Seal offers maximum UV protection to keep your vehicle’s paint looking great for years.
After spreading the product out, walk away! Buffing with a microfiber towel is not required after applying Deep Gloss Liquid Seal. With a product this user-friendly, anyone can get professional grade results.

WG DGLS is EXTREMELY concentrated. The sprayer produces a fine mist, yet 1 mist is enough for each panel.
Little goes a long way and less is more!  I can cover 10 cars with 1oz so one bottle should last you a lifetime!

Spreading the WG DGLS onto the hood.  Excess vanish like a dream in the morning and level itself in 15 seconds.  If it doesnt vaporize in a minute, you are using too much!
If your panel is too small, like a mirror or side window, you might find it difficult to spread the product out evenly.  But dont worry - it is very easy to buff out excess with a wipe with MF towel.  No dust was seen.

I applied DGLS onto the hood, glass, plastics, trims, chrome, everything outside with a hard surface.

An LSP review is not complete without the LSP put on paint!

+1 Apply effortlessly and spread forever.  Even easier than Opti-Seal or Ultima Paint Guard Plus.
+2 Pleasant scent makes application a breeze.
+3 Cure in half hour to an extremely slick surface.

WG DGLS is a must-have product to add to your collection of detailing waxes and sealants.
On and walk away - how much easier could coating your vehicle possibly be?!  Forget about waxing!  You will also love the slickness DGLS left behind, which is much slicker than a carnauba wax!  I will not hesitate to buy this again, and I will definitely recommend this to friends or everyone who do not have much time.

Update 2014-12-27/28:
Took my car out for a spin.  It was drizzling so when I arrived at the car it was covered in tiny beads on roof:

Windscreen and engine hood:

After a short drive in local area, the side windows almost completely dried:

Trunk with a few droplets left:

The right windows was wet because I opened the windows for using my parking lot access card.

Wipers has no jumping.  They just glide over the glass smoothly.  Engine hood did well too.

We all know that drizzles are too small to bead up and fly away.
WG DGLS is a very hydrophobic LSP and I am happy with it.

Update 2015-02-15:
I have not washed the car for ~3 months.  It was covered in dust.
Rain water is beading up on paint:

Also on windows.  See the water flying down?

A 10 minutes drive back home give me a clean, 99% dry car:

This is all the water left behind on my quarter panel, side windows and door.

Paint is slick and gloss is there.
The self-cleaning is amazing.

Update 2015-02-20:
Parked my car at night and took a snap shows the paint is as smooth as a mirror.

Update 2015-03-05:
Drizzled.  The car self-cleaned.  No wipers were used whole day.

Update 2015-06-14:
No wash, no wax, no toppings for a few months, but the car still looking good to my eyes.
The self-cleaning performance of DGLS is very good.

Update 2015-06-20:
Some members asked me for more photos.
So I gone down last night to take these for you guys.
Still same story - no wash, no wax, nothing.  If it is raining when I drive, no hand drying is done.

You can see the wheels are dirty bcos it doesnt have DGLS.  And it shows u I have not been washing my car for months.

I didnt apply to engine bay but I think it looks good too and no dust get into the gaps thanks to the anti-static properties of DGLS.

Update 2015-06-27:
I drove 100km yesterday to work.
No wash no wax, if there is rainwater get on my car, no drying is done.
This is how my car looked from the back.
Not much visible dust is gathering on my car because it is slick and anti-static.

The front end taken by Samsung phone - Samsung white balance and exposure totally rubbish.
The car is still reasonably clean.

Big update 2015-07-26:
Same story - no wash, no wax.
It rained yesterday when I was driving.  Water beading on my turbocharged engine hood was intense.

Beading on door and window frame as good as day 1.
The car was then allowed to air dry with all these rain water on paint for 1 day.

As promised, forum members were invited to witness my first proper car wash.  Credit to D_d, Bobosiu and 唔識電腦人.

Mean Green was the designated soap.

You cant be without GG.

Washing the hood.

"It is very slick," said the member.



Final update 2016-10-10:
Car was last sealed with DGLS for over half year.
Several washings had been done.
Today I sprayed my dusty car down with softened water.
Supposed to have very low surface tension, but still beaded and sheeted quickly.


WG DGLS is the man!
WG DGLS has proven to be an excellent product with intense protection for solid 8 months.
Judging from the water beading, slickness and gloss, I am confident it can be stretched to 12 months!

Very detailed report !! Great !!


It was drizzling today so I took some pics!
The car almost dried itself!


wow...haven't see you for a long time
great report


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Buddy that WG DGLS (is it the WG-1500?)  looks like a great product. I would definitely give it a try!

Did you spray the glass too?


Buddy that WG DGLS (is it the WG-1500?)  looks like a great product. I would definitely give it a tr ...
Yoda 發表於 2014-12-30 14:03

    Hey yes it is WG-1500!
Yes I sprayed the glass, thats why water fly away and stay dry when I took my car out for a spin!
it also protects plastic, rubber, chrome etc!


I'm interested!  Where to buy it and how much?


ching your parking place is awesome, no open door L can come


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ching your parking place is awesome, no open door X can come
cl7rken 發表於 2014-12-30 16:05

    Yes I hate those careless people.
I chose this parking slot.
I tell you what, it is the only slot left behind.
No one wanted that slot.


回覆 9# PPLd

it is because:
for you, it is plenty of space to park and can come out easily
but for other ppls, it is too small or can't come out easily