2016 Porsche- The New Panamera Is Coming

It combines the performance of a thoroughbred Sports Car with the comfort of a luxury saloon - despite all conventions. Launch Control, rear axle steering and sports exhaust system - these racing features are available in the more powerful and more efficient new models. With the new Panamera, we once again show that we have the courage to change. You can tell by just looking at it. The silhouette and design language are more Porsche than ever. Like a sprinter in the starting blocks, it is just waiting to show exactly what it is capable of.
上次行完黃金見模型店出面泊左架turbo,大家都知條街成日有警察抄牌,架車擺正馬路邊仲要突少少出黎(佢應該泊低買少少野準備走,車上無人)前面警察已經抄緊,當佢地抄完準備黎果陣,佢地竟然唔抄架車,有個阿叔八卦睇佢info,咁岩車主回來見到咁既情況,之後對住個阿叔講:"望咩望,泊一陣姐"講真途人好多都等睇架panamera turbo s俾人抄牌,所以當警察唔抄,佢地就企定定響度食花生。

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