Debian 8 推出了!


1 用了 systemd 取代 init.d
2 kernel 3.16
3 package 版本更新

裝了一部實體機,一部 vm,upgrade 了一部實體機,一部 vm,無問題!


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The UEFI ("Unified Extensible Firmware Interface") support introduced in "Wheezy" has also been greatly improved in Jessie. This includes workarounds for many known firmware bugs, support for UEFI on 32-bit systems, and support for 64-bit kernels with 32-bit UEFI firmware (with the latter being included only on our amd64/i386 "multi-arch" installation media).  

Atom機用 Windows 8 Bing Version w/ 32-bit UEFI firmware有望簡單裝到Linux