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Mem-Z  ver. 1.08

Mem-Z is a freeware that gathers memory timings under Windows OS, You can read memory speed , principal , secondary , thrid timings , RTL , IOL values on Intel 8 , 9 , 100 series Platform .  Based on "ASROCK Memory Configurator" Engine but No Install Required , Standalone .exe with cross platform support.

2015-8-3 11:46

Download : MemZ 1.08.rar (1.76 MB) Download Link

Update :

Mem-Z 1.08 :
- 8-8-2015
- Optimized CPU Loading for OC usage

Mem-Z 1.05 :
- 4-8-2015
- Add Memory Speed Info on Intel Series Platform
- Add No. of Memory Channel on Intel 100 Series Platform
- Add Memory Ratio on Intel 100 Series Platform

Mem-Z 1.03 :
- 3-8-2015
- Fixed Windows 8.1 not working issue

Mem-Z 1.01a :
- 30-7-2015
- Add Support for Intel 100 Series Platform (Skylake)
- Add Support for Intel 9 Series Platform (Broadwell / Haswell / Haswell-E)
- Add Support for Intel 8 Series Platform (Haswell)
- Fixed Chinese OS Font display issue
- Support Windows XP/2003/Vista/7/8/8.1/10 32Bit & 64Bit
- Standalone EXE , No Installation Required

Mem-Z 1.0 : 29-7-2015
- 28-7.2015
- First release

Timings Explication :

-Cas# Latency (tCL).
Number of clocks that elapses between the memory controller telling the memory module to access a particular column in the current row, and the data from that column being read from the module's output pins.

-RAS# to CAS# Delay (tRCD).
Controls the number of clocks inserted between a row activate command and a read or write command to that row.

-RAS# Precharge (tRP).
Controls the number of clocks that are inserted between a row precharge command and an activate command to the same rank.

-Activate to Precharge delay (tRAS).
Number of clocks taken between a bank active command and issuing the precharge command.  

-Command Rate (CR)
Delay between when a memory chip is selected and when the first active command can be issued. The factors that determine whether a memory subsystem can tolerate a 1T command rate are many, including the number of memory banks, the number of DIMMs present, and the quality of the DIMMs.

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請有冇program 可以改Ram module 入面嘅參數? 邊道有DL。



請有冇program 可以改Ram module 入面嘅參數? 邊道有DL。

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