Apple still uses Windows XP in its production factories ... s-time-upgrade-guys

Hey Apple! 2001 called, they want their decade old operating system back. It's no secret that Apple uses Windows across a number of production lines for a number of Apple products such as iPhone, iPad, Mac, Watch and many other Apple products, but it's shocking to see Apple using an operating system released over ten years ago. Apple, much like many other businesses across this world, has yet to upgrade from Windows XP it seems.

It's 2014 -- multi-billion dollar companies such as Apple should not be using an operating system that's over ten years old. XP fell out of extended support earlier this year, meaning there's no security patches for it anymore. Attackers can easily attack Windows XP these days if no virus protection is installed, and considering Apple use these machines to render product schematics, it's kind of shocking that Apple is yet to upgrade to Windows 8, or Windows 7.

Thanks to a report and video from CNBC, who were looking at how the iPhone 6 is made, Neowin spotted one of the many Apple machines running Windows XP. The install has been customized to be running the old, trusty silver theme, an alternative to the Bliss theme which came as standard in Windows XP.

As the old saying goes, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it", but does that saying apply to operating systems over ten years old? Perhaps Apple needs to kick into gear and get those machines up-to-date. Perhaps if they did that, the production factories would stop producing iPhones which bend, eh?

MTR / 街邊ATM都仲用緊好多Windows 2000
用 XP有乜咁出奇?


係 production lines, 見倒 98 甚至 DOS 都唔會驚訝.... 人地睇得倒個 BOM 就夠用.... XP 已經係大材小用了.


其實麥當奴(香港)現在的門市依然用Windows XP!


唔出奇, 我福田口岸過關, 佢地都係用WinXP.

公司日常應用, 唔能夠一話升級就升級, 用開好地地, 一升級, 原本應用軟件有機會涉及好多問題。