[python] soccer analysis web app


Anyone interested in working on a soccer analysis web app using django, pandas and bokeh? It is very early stage now as in I have only proofed that those libraries work reasonably with each other.

Right now it is mostly a data explorating app but I think machine learning will definitely be added later on.

I am looking for mainly three types of people:

1. Django developer for backend functionality like rest api, user login and etc..
2. JavaScript developer for UI/UX design
3. Soccer lover that want to try new things and can give feedbacks

If you are interested, please leave me a message. I am more than happy to show you what I have right now if you are interested in working on this project.

I am still thinking if I will open source the codes but if you are one of the devs you will definitely see a part if not all. I don't have plans to commercialise anything but let see if it will become good enough for that.

Machine learning needed?


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Not at this moment but down the road for sure.


Do you want to predict win/loss?


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    Things like that. But also to see if factors like whether the referee of the match matter.


Where do you plan to acquire data


Where do you plan to acquire data
johnyy11 發表於 2017-1-18 21:00

    From the internet