Linksys 「WRT1200AC」業餘試用分享

First of all, I would like to thank HKEPC for letting me try out the Linksys WRT1200AC router

Its quite a new router, with most review websites published ~April - June this year.  
2015-6-29 03:02

The packaging looks coooooooll

Specification wise, it is quite of the high-end for AC1200.
- Marvell Armada 38X dual-core @ 1.33 GHz (88F6820-A0 C133)
- 512MB RAM
- you may look at this site where they looked directly inside the router ... -fi-router-reviewed

The setup is quite easy. Semi-automatic like most routers which should be easy enough for armatures like me

There is also an app where you can edit the router settings on your mobile, the interface is almost exactly the same as if you assess through the setup page in computer, login with via router admin password.

There are features like:
Guest control
Parental control
Media prioritization
Network map, which shows all the connection in a map and you can reserve address for devices


With 500MB netvigator, connection via LAN to computer. This is satisfactory.

I do not own much devices which can test 5G but only a 小米phone.
I have been experiencing difficulties to get good wifi speed.
- 2.4 GHz testing with the 香港通訊局speed test only gave me 10MBps
- 5GHz testing only gave me ~20MBps

it got better after fixing the
2.4GHz channel to 11
and chaning the frequency of 5GHz channel width to 20MHz only  > 60MBps
but somehow it is still a bit slower than the other users' review..
I am really not sure what is the problem there
2015-6-29 04:01

What I personally like about this router
- Nice and easy to use interface
- Nice spec
- it is ranked high amongst its class

What not so good about this router
- Expensive
- No download station
- No printer sharing

I would be really grateful if anyone can help look at the wifi problem..


seems the wifi problem is also experienced by some other trial user.. is it because of setting up problem?