youtube.apk for my TV Box MYSOTO or Himedia

I have a problem on install the youtube on my TV Box MYSOTO or Himedia. ( I have two TV Box)

Can anyone provide me the youtube.apk file which is working on the TV Box ?

Anyone have any comment why the youtube.apk is not working for TV Box ? ( I download it from the internet for android device)

回覆 1# wlihkepc

Try to Install kodi, then add YouTube addon


回覆 2# derektang

Thanks, Derek, it works. Actually I tried :

- install Kodi youtube addon
- & Youtube for google TV

It seems both option is working. However, I found the search engine inside Kodi Youtube addon is better if you want to use English to do the search.
( I am not good on Chinese input method)



回覆 4# frankiepoon

Thanks, Frankie, I already installed the Youtube for google play. However, I have problem on sign in my google a/c. The link you provided seems very useful. I will follow the method mentioned in the web link.